Whole30: Let’s Do This!

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As a part of our wellness journey, we’re looking to better ourselves and learn more about how to fuel our bodies! We’re sharing our experience on the Whole30. We’d love to have you join us in this experience. Here are our thoughts moving into our 2017 Whole30.

5 Tips To Unleashing Your Inner Unicorn

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We recently did a survey with people ranging in age from 18 – 65, both male and female. Curious if 1) people inherently thought they were a badass and 2) what, if anything, do people do to enhance feeling like a badass? I personally don’t ALWAYS feel like a badass (most of you are also in this boat), […]

How Not to Take 25 Yoga Classes in 30 Days

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About three months ago I made it a goal to reduce my stress and anxiety. As a part of my action plan, I decided to swap out two days of my high-intensity workouts for two days of yoga. It was the perfect swap. I found myself more centered and my body was getting stronger with […]
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