About Us

THE TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE is a gathering of un-sugar-coated conversations on wellness, created by the real-life documentation of two humans discovering and hacking what it means to reconnect with our own true north.


We are Jenell Riesner and Rachel Bellotti – two humans who love sweating and connecting with other humans (preferably while sweating), and nerding out as we explore the world of “health and wellness” in an attempt to better know ourselves and live lives we are inspired to get up for every damn day!

We first met in June 2016, while working at a boutique fitness studio in Milwaukee called SPIRE FITNESS, building a healthy fitness community within a city known for its cheese, bratwurst, and beer (which we also love!). Beyond our jobs, we were each exploring the vast world of health and wellness on our own, unaware of the other’s side projects:

We soon realized this and started to share these experiences with each other.  We met for coffee, we talked out loud about what we liked and didn’t like, what worked and didn’t work, and if we would recommend it. We complained about all the contradictory information out there and how overwhelming and confusing it all was, yet we still wanted to learn more  to find answers for ourselves.

The more we talked the more we learned that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Living a healthy and happy life is an individual and unique experience. There is no right or wrong way, it’s a journey we each must go on to learn what is “right” for each of us.  And going on this journey with someone was WAY better than doing it alone.

Through our conversations about our highs and lows, we realized that we couldn’t keep this stuff to ourselves! It was too juicy and helpful, and plus after realizing how much we learned from each other, we wanted to find a way to build a community where we could connect with other people on this journey. We wanted to keep learning from the experiences of others, and to challenge what “experts” claim is the “right” approach to health and wellness.

And that is how THE TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE was born. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do and are inspired to find your own TRUE NORTH.