5 Tips To Unleashing Your Inner Unicorn

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We recently did a survey with people ranging in age from 18 – 65, both male and female. Curious if 1) people inherently thought they were a badass and 2) what, if anything, do people do to enhance feeling like a badass?

I personally don’t ALWAYS feel like a badass (most of you are also in this boat), so I was particularly interested in learning some hacks that I could apply to my own life, right away, to get me back in the direction of feeling like a badass. Because as much as I can totally rock my unique, unicorn-loving self, there are days when it all just gets the best of me. So, I synthesized what I took from our survey results and created these 5 tips for how to unleash your inner unicorn (or inner animal, if unicorns aren’t your thing)!

1. Stay true.

Be you at all costs. This is going to look different for each of us because we are each unique beings with different strengths and THIS is what makes the world interesting and abundant. Dress for you. Eat for you. Respectfully speak up for you. Do what you need to do for you, when you need to do it. If, when doing your worldly responsibilities, like paying bills, do them like only you would! Because when we are true to ourselves, that seems to be when we feel the best and it shows to the world around us.

2. Get moving!

This could be exercise, creating, making, writing, whatever your movement is, do it. Do it now and do it often. Make time for it because moving makes us feel connected to our inner power.

3. It’s ok to forget.

Your inner power is already there. We all have it, it has always been there, and how it shows up is unique to each of us. When we forget this, it’s ok, we just need to get back in touch with it. Even if today, or this month, or this year hasn’t been your personal best, that’s ok. We all get distracted by what we think we should be and that is totally normal. When it happens, just recognize it and see what you can do to get back to being the you that would make you proud.

4. Jam out

For most of the people we surveyed, music has truly magical transformative abilities. Just turn on your favorite playlist or song and give in to the beat. This simple thing can break through whatever is stopping you from believing in your inner unicorn and start to innately connect with your power.

A few years ago, my mom decided that whenever she heard the song Happy by Pharrell that she would break out into dance no matter who was around or where she was. Over the course of a few months, she had danced in the middle of a grocery store, in the car, at a coffee shop, at a lululemon store… She said it was, “Totally embarrassing and totally awesome!” Most of the time people would look at her like, “what’s wrong with this woman?!”  But without fail, there was usually one other person that would let go and dance along with her, laughing, smiling, and connecting. While everyone else watched frozen in shock, they were probably all wishing they could be that free. And sadly, they totally could! So, find your anthem and jam out!

5. Love the journey not the destination.

If the ultimate goal is to reach some perfect endpoint of unlocking the inner unicorn 24/7, then it seems that we have missed the point and we are all going to be disappointed. Yes, it feels great to get to a place where you feel connected to your inner power, but it’s gonna come and go depending on so many things. Instead, move in the direction of connecting with your power more often then not, and appreciate the times when your unicorn points its sparkly horn into your life. Some days we are in our power and some days we aren’t, that is what life as a human is all about. And honestly, that is what keeps it interesting!

So the big take-away, my powerful little unicorns, is that you are already good enough and lovable…and worthy…and awesome just as we are! And that is what makes you a badass. These tips will just help you to always remember this no matter where you are on the journey. Please keep in mind that these insights were not done scientifically, we simply shared a quick and easy Survey Monkey with friends and family and then interpreted the results, as we saw them, based on our own experiences and interpretations. And finally, as my mentor always says, and I believe whole heartedly, “…take what works for you and leave the rest!”

Keep it weird.



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