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FROM POLITICS TO FULL TIME FOOD BLOGGER : S1|E2 The True North Collective Podcast


#2: REAL BALANCED: FROM POLITICS TO FULL TIME FOOD BLOGGER We are Rachel Bellotti and Jenell Riesner, co-hosts of the TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE PODCAST, exploring everyday people fearlessly finding and living their true north. We have met so many interesting people from all walks of life living fascinating and inspiring lives whose stories aren’t being […]

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Welcome to 2018! Gained some eyebrows, lost some abs. Still cool AF.


What a year, 2017 was intense and full of self-discovery, much of which was spent testing out different approaches to eating, nose in a self-help book, while working out. I kept trying to figure my life out: how to be healthier, digging deeper, defining my values, understanding my wants.  After nine months hot out of […]

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Why I Quit Whole 30


Let me start by saying that the first time I did Whole30 I personally considered it a “success” for a few key reasons. First and foremost, it was my first-time diving into the crazy world of nutrition. I was finally ready to learn how foods impacted my life; mind, body, soul. Additionally, I discovered that… […]

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An Open Break Up Letter to Food


Dear Food, We need to talk. We’ve been together for so long, but…this just isn’t working. I love you so much that I need you. And I’ve become quite obsessed with you. That’s the problem. My love for you has made me blind to how controlling you’ve become. Our relationship isn’t healthy. We’re always playing […]

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What Does it Mean to be Healthy?


Different stages of life have garnered very different answers to this question. I have pursued health for many reasons, depending on the decade, trying different programs, rules, trainers, classes, diets, spiritual healing, and relaxation methods. All have worked in some capacity, but none of them individually was the silver bullet answer. For most of my […]

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The Perfect Nutrition Program for You! 🦄


As an aspiring nutritionist, I have concerns with the current world of nutrition. A part of the drive to continue my education is based on my personal confusion with the health world today. One group tells us to eat meat, the other says meat will kill us. We’ve been told fat is bad and now […]

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