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How I Met Myself Again at 28

April 20, 2020 / By / , , / Comments Off

Two years ago I moved to San Luis Obispo (SLO). This anniversary comes at a fitting time. With so much uncertainty, it reminds me that some of the most uncertain, scary choices can lead to such a beautiful, life-changing experience. The lessons I’ve learned here have been incredible. I’m permanently changed for the better.

After years of burnout, numbing out, putting on a brave face, gritting my teeth and pushing through, the stars aligned. The opportunity at MINDBODY popped up and in three weeks I sold my house, my car, left a community that I put every ounce of my being into, left my dogs, my things, packaged a suitcase, and flew across the country to a city where I knew no one. I took a pay cut. I went from running the show to being an individual contributor. It was uncomfortable.

I lived in a Motel6 for a few weeks. I walked 3 miles to the office because I didn’t have a car. The Motel didn’t even have a refrigerator and I kept having to fill up an ice bucket. I cried almost every night because I was so fucking uncomfortable. At one point, I even left my suitcase in a closet at the office because I was homeless. It was uncomfortable.

When the house finally closed, my stuff was still in Wisconsin. I slept on an air mattress for months. The first week under a beach towel because that’s all I had. I’d sit on the floor in an empty house by myself and cry. It was uncomfortable.

Coming to SLO was hard. It was uncomfortable. But I went along with where life was guiding me.

Through this journey, I met myself again in SLO. The girl that had hidden behind busyness, accomplishments, and hard work was forced to slow down. To lead with my personality, my soul, not my hard work and accomplishments. When I did, I met some of my best friends. They reminded me I am more than my productivity. They helped me accept myself again.

As many of us are going through big life changes today, I share this as a reminder that whatever level of discomfort you’re going through, it can lead to some really beautiful things and people. I wouldn’t change my experience in SLO for anything. Thank you to everyone that has been witness to it. ❤ you all.


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